Running for Justice is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization that is passionate about preventing sex trafficking & related atrocities, through education and awareness.

We’ve Supported

45 different organizations in our communities, region, MN., U.S. and Thailand!

We’ve Impacted

Thousands of people through 2 conferences, (Nov 2015 & Nov 2020) workshops, 5 Bike-a-Thons,(May 2017-2021) 7-5k’s, (2013-2019) 3 Sherburne Co Parade’s, Northland Fairview Hospital ER Summit(2019) & other events, speaking engagements and handing out brochures to businesses in our communities, on the issue of human sex trafficking & related atrocities.

We’ve Donated

Over $81,716.00 in efforts to put an end to sex trafficking. Every donation and all funds we raise are to run our business & help like minded organizations. Thank you to all of you who have made this happen!

5th Annual Bike-a-Thon

Help us fight human trafficking at our 5th Bike-a-Thon. We have three ride distances (we deleted Family Route as there was no interest this year 6/09/2021) to accommodate different skill levels, plus a free virtual ride registration. All need to make a campaign, to raise funds!

Our Campaigns will stay alive until June 30th, 2021, so you can give to any of our Campaigns until then. You can also donate anytime below! Thank You!

These funds will help us and give to 3 other organizations-Stories Foundation building soon, in Ramsey, MN., A.C.T. United in Chaska, MN and Courageous Love, in northern Thailand!

Join our Share-a-Thon on June 12th, our Bike-a-Thon day, on Facebook- RunningForJustice5k! Sarah Line will be the facilitator for the day’s agenda!

UPDATE: WE MADE IT! 3-100 milers; 4-50 milers, and 5-20 milers!!!  The winds were present and in the latter part of the day when the 100 milers and 20 milers (started at 1:30 P.M.) were out there it was even windier and hotter! We remembered those we were fighting for and it gave us the endurance to finish the bike-a-thon! Thank you to ALL who gave, volunteered, biked, prayed and supported us in any way!

You can still go on the Facebook-RunningForJustice5k page and see the Share-a-Thon videos and info put on, & hear or read the organizations that are recipients of these funds raised!


Watch for the upcoming 1/2 marathon ( thinking spring 2022) and marathon (fall 2022) news as Susie plans to run these, with an existing run, but she wants to get a team to do this with her, to bring education & awareness and raise funds!

Fight Sex Trafficking With Us

Your tax-deductible donation helps us make a lasting impact on the terrible injustice of human-trafficking. Our goal is to raise as much money as we can to help bring awareness and education of human sex trafficking.