Running for Justice is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization that is passionate about preventing sex trafficking & related atrocities, through education and awareness.

We’ve Supported

45 different organizations in our communities, region, MN., U.S. and Thailand!

We’ve Impacted

Thousands of people through 2 conferences, (Nov 2015 & Nov 2020) workshops, 4 Bike-a-Thons, 7-5k’s, 3 Sherburne Co Parade’s, Northland Fairview Hospital ER Summit & other events, speaking engagements and handing out brochures to businesses in our communities, on the issue of human sex trafficking & related atrocities.

We’ve Donated

Over $81,716.00 in efforts to put an end to sex trafficking. Every donation and all funds we raise are to run our business & help like minded organizations. Thank you to all of you who have made this happen!

5th Annual Bike-a-Thon

Help us fight human trafficking at our 5th Bike-a-Thon. We have four ride distances to accommodate all ages and skill levels, plus a free virtual ride registration. Make a campaign and raise funds!

Fight Sex Trafficking With Us

Your tax-deductible donation helps us make a lasting impact on the terrible injustice of human-trafficking. Our goal is to raise as much money as we can to help bring awareness and education of human sex trafficking.