2019 Bike-A-Thon – 50 Mile Route

Registration: $35 Per Person      Campaign Minimum: $100

You must be 16 years old by May 18th to ride this route. 16 and 17-year-olds need a parent or guardian to accompany them. This route will be all road riding so we’re taking extra precautions. Please read all requirements before you register.

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Be able to go 12 MPH
  • Proper bicycle helmet that fits you
  • Road Bike (good idea to get it fitted and tuned up)
  • Good tires, brake system and frame
  • Lights on front and back (reflectors also a great idea)
  • Extra Tube with you and if you can change it, a tool
  • Weather appropriate jacket, gloves, appropriate bike clothing, and shoes (suggested)
  • Rain Gear (highly suggested)
  • Wear Running For Justice bright shirt as last layer for safety
  • Check-in at every break
  • Another person to team up with (suggested-safer)
  • Small backpack or something to carry water and a snack (suggested)
  • Waiver will be sent via e-mail or at the event, to be signed and returned; no riding without us having this

Making a Campaign

Once you have registered, wait to be directed to make a campaign, your next step in the 2 step process. This is where your friends and family will be able to make donations.
We ask you to make a Campaign goal of at least $100. Once you submitted a campaign, you’ll be emailed a link to give to family, friends, and coworkers. Encourage them to give towards your cycling campaign.

We’re a non-profit and donations you make or are given to your campaign, are deductible; not registration. We prefer donations to be given online but if you get a check or cash and they want a deduction that’s your responsibility to write that information down and e-mail to us. advocate@runningforjustice.org

The Route

We will start and end at Big Lake Township Lion’s Park. Please arrive at 11:00 A.M. to get ready, meet other riders, and be part of our group photo.

Start Time-12:00 A.M. Finish Time-3:00-4:30 P.M. (goal)