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Human trafficking is the second-largest (and fastest growing) criminal industry in the world. It is a threat to public safety, public health, and human rights, and occurs around the world, including in communities throughout Minnesota. In fact, Minnesota is the third biggest state for human trafficking in the nation. Anyone can become a victim of human trafficking, regardless of gender, race, age, or socioeconomic status. However, the majority of Minnesota human trafficking victims are girls and young women, and victims are generally forced into prostitution. Traffickers are predators who are good at recognizing vulnerability in their victims. They tend to frequent locations where young women are present, such as malls, shopping centers, parks, schools, and libraries.


The Minnesota Human Trafficking Task force was formed to address the significant human trafficking problems faced in communities throughout Minnesota. This is a collaboration between law enforcement, activists, and government officials tasked with catching human traffickers, shutting down human trafficking operations, and preventing human trafficking. 

(This information is from https://www.keyserdefense.com/minnesotas-human-trafficking-problem-and-whats-being-done/)

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