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Hey there,

When my sister-in-law invited me to do this event with her, I wasn’t really sure that I could, emotionally. Last year, I was picked up by men who were likely traffickers. They (thankfully) experienced an issue with a transfer car not showing and I was able to walk away, but many are not able to. I’m still struggling with PTSD from this and other assaults. I had had no idea that someone my age would be a target! I always thought that kids and teens were targets. Nobody should be, but I suppose for anyone reading this who thinks they are in the clear, awareness matters. For anyone (especially men) reading this who would like to know tips on how to help others feel safe when you’re approaching them in everyday situations, please feel free to ask me! =) For anyone who has been through this, I’m sorry. For friends and relatives of people who have experienced this, I’m sorry, too, and feel free to ask me how to show support for that person. And thank you, Dara, for trying to help. You’re awesome! I’m so fortunate to have you in my family.

I am setting an achievable goal for fundraising because I know money can be tight. If you want to donate, great! Either way, everybody can to come to a free dinner and awareness event from 5-7 on May 18th (who doesn’t like food, right?).

Thank you and love!