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Recently I stayed with family in a border city here in Minnesota called International Falls.  While there I learned that a local hotel that my family has stayed at multiple times had some criminal activity there.  When I inquired as to what had happened  I was told “Child Sex trafficking.”

I could not believe it .  Although our family has been actively involved in fighting this horrible activity through Running for Justice and Bike-a-thons before, I could not believe how Naïve I was that it might happen virtually right under our noses…but that’s exactly the point of running for Justice…to bring awareness.  The fact that it can happen, in secret while out in the open in any community, makes me even more motivated to raise money and do my part, as simple humble as this effort is.

I would ask anyone reading this to donate if you can and support this cause but even if not, please research on your own.  It is truly a crime against the most innocent and it could be happening in places where you have influence.  You can save a life.