Local (Minnesota) Resource Centers; several of these have speakers, too!

Central MN Sexual Assault Center, St. Cloud: http://www.cmsac.org/

(Resources, counseling, street ministry, speakers, training & more)

Terebinth Refuge, Waite Park: http://www.terebinthrefuge.org/

(They house women who have been sex trafficked, get them restored, through counseling & more. They have speakers)

Breaking Free, St. Paul: http://www.breakingfree.net/

MN Girls Are Not For Sale: http://www.wfmn.org/mn-girls-are-not-for-sale/

Open Doors for Homeless Youth, Elk River: http://www.opendoorforyouth.org/

(They give food and clothing, and other misc to homeless kids, training on finding a job, help them get an apartment when ready, validate them and more)

Hope For Children, Anoka: http://www.HopeforChildrenMN.org 

More Ways to Get Involved Locally: MN.


Stories Foundation: Crystal-http://www.storiescafe.org/

(Stephanie Page-co-founder, executive director, an awesome speaker for conferences, 5k’s, bike-a-thons, schools, churches, youth groups, community gatherings, etc. They have a seasonal Freedom Truck (food), a catering business and hope to open a cafe in the future; they are fighting human trafficking and sex trafficking; an awesome non-profit!

A.C.T. United, Chaska:  http://www.actunited.org/

(Jessica Bartholemew-Founder, executive director, awesome inspirational and passionate speaker for conferences, 5k’s, bike-a-thons, schools, churches, youth groups, and more! Jessica has spoken at Sherburne County United Way several times in Fall 2019 and at the Northland Fairview Educational Summit RFJ sponsored in October 2019) Jessica is a champion for children, youth and men, who are often overlooked for being sex trafficked.

International Resources:

Polaris Project: http://www.polarisproject.org/

Courageous Love/DTN Ministries, Thailand: http://www.icourageous.org/

(Dan and Trish Notley-Have 3 homes, 10 children to a home with Thai parents, in Thailand, for sex trafficked or at risk children where they receive healing, restoration, lots of love, and an education)

Why Not Now, Cambodia: http://www.esthershouserescue.org/

(Have a large home where children sex trafficked or at risk live and receive healing, restoration, lots of love, an education and sometimes are introduced back into their family, if changes are made and it’s safe)

Urban Light (Boys/Men’s Ministry), Thailand: http://www.urban-light.org/#home

Destiny Rescue: http://www.destinyrescue.org

Traffic Justice: http://projectjusticeinternational.org/

*If you or an organization you’re involved in would like to be added to our list, please contact us: advocate@runningforjustice.org

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