There are two ways you can help!

1st Option:If you are an eligible Thrivent Financial member, you are able to donate up to $500 worth of “seed money” each year on behalf of an organization ($250 two times per year). If you have not used your donations for another organization yet, please consider donating to Running For Justice. We can use this money to help pay for event expenses, so more of the funds raised can be given to others! Contact your local Thrivent Financial Representative or call 800.847.4836.

2nd Option: If you are an eligible Thrivent Financial member (16 or older) you have the power to recommend how Thrivent distributes some of its charitable grant funds using a vehicle called Choice Dollars. You will be given an opportunity to use those dollars and give to Thrivent Choice 501(c)3 organizations, of which Running For Justice is one. The amount you can give depends on your policy.

If this is something you would like to do, you can visit the Thrivent Financial page now, log in, and direct the Choice Dollars to: Running For Justice; or call 800-847-4836 or contact your local Thrivent Financial representative and find out how to start this process.

Thank you to Thrivent Financial and YOU for living generously! Running For Justice Founder-
Susie Weigel