2nd Annual Running For Justice Bike-A-Thon, Duluth to Elk River!

THANK YOU for your interest in the 2nd Annual Bike-A-Thon!!! We use this event to raise awareness of human sex trafficking and funds to raise more awareness and give to those organizations that are also in the fight, in some way. I’ll start this communication but we’ll be adding to it as we know more and update maps after D.O.T. approves them. 

We have two registration options this year: $50 for 1 day or $75 for both days. The 1st day is Duluth to Hinckley on the Munger Trail. The 2nd day is Hinckley to Elk River. Both are about 75 miles!

This bike-a-thon includes a t-shirt, snacks and lunches for the day/s you participate, supper Friday night and 1 celebration supper at the end, on Sat night. Those who do only Friday night are more than welcome to come to that Sat. supper and hear the speaker.

What do I need to do to begin?

1) You need to make a Campaign, pay the $50 or $75 registration fee and we’ll make your campaign live!

2) We are asking you to raise $100 for 1 day participation or $200 for 2 days participation. So, when making a Campaign, make your goal at least $150 for one day or $275.00 for 2 days (includes registration)

3) Give the link that is sent to you, after you register, to your family, friends, and co-workers, to raise the required amount for Running For Justice. If you have any problems, contact me, Susie, at advocate@runningforjustice.org

Create a new campaign

Learn more about the route



Flyer is for downloading, copying and distributing with permission to hang up

2018 Bike A Thon Flyer 2 (1)

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW- Possibly copy this and print out, so you don’t forget!

  • We encourage you to train during the winter at the gym or at home with your bike up on a trainer, a few times a week; those that didn’t train decided that wasn’t a great idea; even young people were sore who didn’t train much
  • We encourage you to have a riding partner; two is safer than one!
  • You need to have a bicycle that is in good shape (brakes, shifting mechanisms, tires, wheels, handlebars), with at least 1 extra tire. (we’ll have someone who is able to change a tire if you don’t know how) We encourage you to have your bicycle tuned up before the bike-a-thon. If you are borrowing a bike, make sure it fits you. Bikes are made to fit a person of a certain shape and height. You should be able to ride at least 12 M.P.H. NO MOUNTAIN BIKES; it’s too hard to ride those on the road.
  • All bicycle seats are different. More padding doesn’t make for easier riding. A good fit for your body is what makes it easier. 
  • You are required to wear a bicycle helmet; get one that fits you; you can also buy rain gear, to go over helmets, that is very reasonable
  • You need to dress appropriately for the weather and have decent shoes that fit well; it rained a lot last yr the 2nd day; the reason a few people didn’t finish the 150 miles is because they were too cold; your gear bags will be hauled in a trailer so you might have access to them
  • Keep your cell phone charged for any emergency
  • We’ll give you a map and approximate schedule (everyone goes at different speeds)